FREE INFRARED INSPECTION (with all home inspections). The price of the home inspection includes free infrared imaging. An average home inspection will take one to two hours to inspect depending on the size of home and the condition it is in. Compare pricing with other inspection organizations, and you will find that Thomas Home Inspection offers the most competitive pricing around. The price is reasonable, and the inspection is very thorough.
Our inspectors are experienced builders as well as experienced building inspectors. Our goal at Thomas Home Inspection is to inform you, whether good or bad, of the total condition of your home in every category, so you can make the best decision possible how to invest your money in buying or selling your home. Safety is a priority in our company, as it is to your own family. We also guarantee our work, and we encourage your feedback. Thomas Home Inspection is the best home inspection company around!
The prices below also include an easy to read detailed report with several photos within 24 hours of the inspection. You are welcome to be present during the full inspection or after the inspection for a walk through review. We encourage all questions and concerns you may have.

Homes up to 2000 square feet $250.00
Homes between 2001 – 2500 square feet $275.00
Homes between 2501 – 3000 square feet $300.00
Homes between 3001 – 3500 square feet $325.00
Homes between 3501 – 4000 square feet $350.00
Homes between 4000 – 4500 square feet $375.00
Homes between 4500 – 5000 square feet $400.00
Homes between 5001 – 5500 square feet $450.00
Homes between 5501 – 6000 square feet $475.00
Homes between 6001 – 6500 square feet $500.00 + $25.00 on every additional 500 square feet
Radon Test with home inspection $70.00 (monitor in home for 5 days/results in 5 days)
Radon Test without home inspection $100.00 (monitor in home for 5 days/results in 5 days)
Single Meth Test with home inspection $75.00/each (results in 10 minutes)
Single Meth Test without home inspection $100.00/each (results in 10 minutes)
Mold & Air Quality Test $25.00/each area (results in 24 hours)
**We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash**