What is Mold?
Molds are microscopic organisms present just about everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Mold can be harmful, especially to those with allergies or asthma. It is common to find mold spores in the air inside homes which come from outdoor sources. Mold spores primarily cause health problems when they are present in large numbers and inhaled. Common sources that can allow mold to grow are leaky roofs, plumbing, bathrooms without sufficient ventilation, damp basements and crawl spaces with permeable foundations, and dryers not exhausted to outside.

Symptoms of Mold
Skin rash, hives, wheezing and difficulty breathing, sinus headaches and congestion, runny nose, irritation and itchy throat, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, cold and flu type symptoms, red blood shot eyes, and itchy ears.

Tips on how to get rid of Mold
Bleach will most likely kill all of indoor mold. Plus it will leave the area sanitized.
Bleach only works on non-porous materials such as glass, tiles, bathtubs, granite and a variety of countertops. Using bleach on porous materials such as drywall and wood only kills the mold on the surface. The roots in the material will remain causing the mold to return.

Borax is a natural cleaning solution and does not emit chemicals or dangerous fumes in the air. Borax is a white mineral powder that has a pH level of about 9 and is a low toxicity. Borax is known as a deodorizer and is good for cleaning toilets and drains. Borax can be mixed with water to kill and remove mold.

Vinegar, a mild acid, kills 82% of mold. The advantages of vinegar is that it is natural and safe. If you want to use vinegar to get rid of mold, just spray vinegar on the surface and leave it. Repeat this process every few days to make sure the area will stay mold-free.

Grapefruit seed extract is a very effective natural mold killer, but it can be expensive. The advantage of grapefruit seed extract is that it has almost no odor to it.
Grapefruit seed extract kills its mold by using its citric acid on the contaminated area.

Others ways of killing Mold are Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, Detergent, Baking soda, Tea tree oil

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