What is Infrared?

Infrared is a type of light that is on the invisible spectrum that the human eye cannot see. Although we cannot see it, we can feel it by feeling the heat of the sun or feeling the warmth of a fire. An infrared camera can detect leaks in plumbing, drafts of air and water penetrations through walls and roofs. It also can discover overloaded breakers by heat detection. Thomas Home Inspection provides a free infrared test throughout your home.


How can Infrared Imaging help you in a home inspection?   

Infrared Imaging is very helpful in a Home Inspection. With an Infrared camera we can detect the following problems in a home.

Leaks in Plumbing, Overloaded circuit breakers, drafts through voids in walls and roofs, poorly insulated walls, moist and damp areas, hot electrical conductors

Leaks in the roof

Poor or missing insulation

Poor or failing sealant around doors and windows.

Potential moisture intrusion.


Thomas Home Inspection offers a FREE Infrared Imaging in all home inspections. Other companies will add $100.00 or more to the inspection price for that service, Thomas Home Inspection will not. We believe to have a quality inspection we need to see what the naked eye can’t see.